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Humidity NIST Traceable Calibration

With a reliable hygrometer, you will have the ability to check the moisture content in the air so you will know if your indoor humidity levels are safe and maintained.

Digital Thermometer from Thermco Products

Why Is It Important to Measure Humidity?

Maintaining the correct temperature and humidity helps to keep products from spoiling. Products can spoil for a number of reasons, including:

To prevent these problems, industries with products at risk of spoilage install instruments to measure humidity and temperature continuously through the manufacturing process and also while products are stored.

What Types of Instruments Measure Humidity?

Instruments that measure humidity include but are not limited to:

Digital Thermometer from Thermco Products
Why Calibrate Humidity?

It is important to calibrate humidity instruments regularly, to make sure they are performing within their manufacturers’ specifications. Calibration lets you know that measurements made with these instruments are accurate so that quality can be maintained.

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