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Dry Ice Machine

Dry Ice Machine

Thermalyne’s NEW DI800 Dry Ice Machine
The latest design in benchtop dry ice making utilizing a patented heat exchange technology provides up to 30% better yield from a standard 50 lb. CO2 cylinder (with siphon).
No need to dismantle machine to retrieve dry ice block,

Simple 1 Lever Operation!
Save time and expense of receiving a dry ice delivery, make a 1 lb. block in ~ 1 minute with fresh co2 bottle. DI800 will dispense 9 to 12 1 lb. blocks from a standard 50 lb. cylinder

Dry ice is the Ideal cooling agent for packed medical goods such as pharmaceuticals, diagnostic specimens and biological substances.
Dry ice is colder than typical ice water and will not leave a residue.

DI800 is machined from solid aluminum, will not rust or have chipped paint and the ice tray is manufactured from a block of Delrin plastic. Four non-skid rubber feet to prevent scratching or sliding on work area.



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DI800 Operating Instructions 



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