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Fridge-tag 2L thermometer

Fridge-tag® 2L Vaccine Freezer Thermometer Data Logger

NEW Model with Weekly Graphs, AUDIBLE Alarm & More

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Software-Less PDF Generation Temperature / Alarm Data Plus Graphs

Fridge-tag® 2L is the ideal Temperature Data Logger for the continuous monitoring of sensitive Vaccines and Pharmaceuticals stored in medical refrigerators & freezers. No software needed to generate temperature & alarm data. As soon as the Fridge-Tag® 2L is connected via USB to a PC or Mac it creates a PDF and an ASCII file. The PDF file provides a daily summary of temperature activity (selectable: 28, 56, 84 or 112 day overview) PLUS 8 weekly graphs of temperature performance. Temperature readings are recorded every 5 minutes and can be found in a table within the TXT file. Thanks to the electronic signature the raw data can be verified as compliant with FDA regulations 21 CFR Part 11. This means that each month you obtain a report and the assurance that your temperature-sensitive goods are stored in accordance with regulations. The data logger’s external thermometer probe is sealed in a Bio-Safe glycol filled bottle to buffer temperature variations. Meets and exceeds the latest VFC CDC requirements published in the Guidelines for Storage and Temperature Monitoring of Refrigerated Vaccines

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