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RAPID RESPONSE Blood Bank Immunohematology Thermometer

RAPID RESPONSE Blood Bank Immunohematology Thermometer

Users simply place blood component bags on the insulated pad and receive an accurate temperature reading within 30 seconds.
The Temp-Check thermometer determines the temperature of small bags or containers in seconds. Designed for hospital or laboratory use, it measures the temperature of plasma, red blood cells, cryo precipitate or other materials that are placed on the sensing pad. This non-invasive instrument allows personnel to determine if blood or plasma is at the right temperature for transfusion, or if it is safe to return to stock at the blood bank. The Temp-Check thermometer uses a fast acting Type K thermocouple within an insulated pad to measure a temperature range of 0°C to +40°C with an accuracy of +/-1°C. The unit is extremely simple to operate. Just plug it into any standard 120v electrical outlet and place the item to be checked on the center of the sensing pad. Readout response is rapid, typically within 30 seconds. For easy portability, this unit includes a built-in NiMH battery with a trickle charger. When the battery is fully charged, it will run for about 12 hours. Press the button to the left of the display and the display will stay on for two minutes and then shut off to conserve power. The battery will recharge when the unit is connected to line power.

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