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PRECISION Pt100 8" Digital Stem Thermometer

PRECISION Pt100 12″ Digital Stem Thermometer

The ergonomic shaped high precision digital thermometer is intended to be used anywhere a precision glass stem thermometer or other type thermometer is used.
The V Series is well suited as a calibration reference thermometer in the laboratory or field.
The versatile software functions allow easy viewing of display information vertically or horizontally automatically when rotating the display. Selection of Celsius or Fahrenheit units through menu.
The V Series thermometers are constructed with a stainless steel temperature probe, 8″ or 12″, and includes field transportable nylon case.
Different from many other electronic thermometers as there are no wires to interfere with usage or incur damage. V Series comes equipped with and easily replacable AA batteries (2pc). The silicone button interface makes for intuitive operations.

Use as an ASTM Digital Thermometer in place of
hazardous mercury thermometers.
ASTM No. and IP Equivalent Table
V-series pt100 ASTM table


Areas of application
▪ Petrochemical use
▪ Laboratory
▪ Education (schools)


V Series Brochure 
V Series Product Manual 



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